My Career as a photographer has been incredibly good to me,  and it is largely due to three factors:   

1) I love what I do.

2) I made friends with and learned from the best photographers in the state and the country.

3) I work really hard at being better with every client I work with.

After joining the Maine Professional Photographers Association and Professional Photographers of America about twelve years ago I was put on the fast track.  After one year I was asked to be on the Board of Directors for the MPPA.  After 3 years I was on the Board of Directors of Professional Photographers of New England.  My fourth year I was President of the MPPA and won the Photographer of the Year Competition in Maine.  I then earned my Photographic Craftsman Degree and Master of Photography Degree from Professional Photographers of America.  And just this year was honored with the Distinguished Colleague Award for service to the MPPA.

The fact is, what I do is all about giving.  To my friends, colleagues and my clients.  As a coach of  3 sports with more than 24 seasons  and 10 years of teaching photography, I learned that the rewards of giving is one of the secrets to happiness. So when you come into my studio my greatest reward is seeing your face when you see the images I have created for you.


Want to know more about me?  Read on!!!

I was raised on my grandfathers farm and graduated from South Portland High School in 1981.  From there I earned a BS Degree in Health and Fitness  and a minor in Business from Springfield College.  At Springfield my joy of sports was fulfilled with a season of Soccer (one of the greatest sports of all time), a season of rowing Crew (a lesson in pain) and 3 seasons of Gymnstics ( a challenge of, physical strength, coordination and conquering fear).  

Next on the agenda was a 24 year career as a mobile disc jockey. Playing at weddings, school dances and parties was truly a great job.  As you can see above a tux was standard attire.  While I was doing my work as a dj I really learned a lot about people. It was my job to get a feeling of who they were and the music they wanted to hear.  That is until I had a family, at that point everything changed.  This was the beginning of my photography career and brings us to today.   I currently have two beautiful daughters and I am looking forward more camping and fishing as well as many more years of photography.  

Thank you for visiting, Please let me know how I can serve you!!!